Welcome to the fascinating world of Croatian truffles!

N estled on the picturesque Croatian peninsula of Istria lies a small town called Motovun, perched upon a hill that overlooks a centuries-old forest. It is within this enchanting forest that the exquisite and highly sought-after Istrian truffles thrive, adding a touch of culinary magic to this remarkable region.

Renowned globally for its exceptional truffle production, Istria boasts a long-standing tradition of cultivating these aromatic treasures. The unique microclimate, fertile soil, and lush vegetation of this Mediterranean paradise provide the ideal conditions for truffle growth, resulting in a bounty of exceptional quality and flavor.

T he forests surrounding Motovun are teeming with ancient oak, poplar, and hazelnut trees, their roots intertwining with the precious truffle fungi known as Tuber magnatum or Tuber borchii. These elusive truffles, sometimes referred to as "white diamonds," are highly prized for their pungent aroma and delicate, earthy taste. Istrian truffles are often considered among the finest in the world, captivating the palates of gourmands and food enthusiasts alike.

Our webshop invites you to embark on a culinary adventure, offering a curated selection of original, nature Croatian truffles. Each truffle is hand-picked by experienced foragers who possess an innate understanding of the forests they explore. With great care and respect for nature, these experts unearth these extraordinary gems, ensuring that only the highest quality truffles find their way to your table.

Discover the perfect ingredient to elevate your culinary creations. Whether you are a professional chef or an enthusiastic home cook, our webshop provides a seamless shopping experience, allowing you to indulge in the allure of Istria's truffle tradition from the comfort of your home. Choose from an array of fresh truffles or explore our selection of truffle-infused products, including oils, sauces, and delicacies that will add a touch of magic to your dishes.

We are committed to preserving the rich heritage and sustainable harvesting practices that have defined Istrian truffles for generations. By supporting our webshop, you contribute to the preservation of this unique ecosystem, allowing future generations to enjoy the marvels of nature found within the forests of Motovun.

Fastest possible delivery by DHL

A t our webshop, we understand the importance of delivering the finest and freshest Istrian truffles to our valued customers around the globe. That is why we have partnered with DHL, a trusted name in global logistics, to ensure that your truffles reach you in pristine condition, while preserving their extraordinary flavors and aromas.

W ith DHL's extensive network and expertise in international shipping, we can guarantee that your order will be handled with the utmost care and efficiency. From the moment our experienced foragers hand-pick your truffles in the forests of Motovun, we initiate a meticulously coordinated process to maintain their freshness and quality until they arrive at your doorstep.

T o ensure maximum freshness, our truffles are carefully selected and harvested the day before they are shipped. This ensures that you receive them at the peak of their flavor and aroma, allowing you to experience the true essence of Istrian truffles.

O nce harvested, our truffles are promptly transported to our state-of-the-art packaging facility. Here, they undergo a stringent quality control process, where only the finest specimens are chosen for shipment. Our expert team meticulously examines each truffle, ensuring that only those of exceptional quality meet our rigorous standards.

N ext, the chosen truffles are skillfully packaged using specialized techniques that preserve their freshness and prevent any damage during transit. We utilize industry-leading packaging materials, such as insulated containers and temperature-controlled packaging, to maintain an optimal environment for the truffles throughout their journey.

W hen it comes to global shipping, DHL's expertise shines. With their extensive network of distribution centers, advanced tracking systems, and dedicated handling procedures, they are able to deliver our truffles to destinations across the world swiftly and securely. Their commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with our vision of providing you with an exceptional truffle experience.